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I’m Cindy and I LOVE branding.

If you have a great product or service, and you're excited about sharing it with the world, then creating an amazing brand would hugely benefit your marketing.


Branding is what makes your messages memorable and elevates you above, and away from, your competition. It's your competitive advantage that I craft and develop, giving your brand the toolset needed to connect with your audience and engage them with your amazing stories.

Ramp-up your recognition, increase your business' value, create a bigger audience, and control perception of your brand with powerful, authentic messaging that reflects your goals and values.

Get in touch to discover how we can take your brand forward and create inspiring stories together.


Through charming graphics and illustration, together with expert creative copy, I will work with you to refine your brand image and brand touch points that seek to grow your audience.

Brand Design

What's your story?
The answer is your brand. Your business has a brand - an impression that people have of your business. The way they feel about you. Their relationship with you. I love getting to know a brand and setting them up in the best way for greater marketing opportunity. 
Take charge of your brand image today!


Use design to make your brand memorable.  That doesn't mean having the brightest colours and biggest logo.; it means having a design that suits the message of your brand. Share your message with visual cues and graphics to make it more memorable. Let's create a brand you can't wait to share.

Brand Consultancy

You become a brand when you have a long-term vision. Branding is the 'strategy' used to achieve the greater goals and recognition for your product or service.

Brand strategy can sometimes be a bit vague if not done right, but essentially it aims to give you, and your company, a focussed and consistent understanding of who you are (what does the client/customer see) and what this means going forward.


Illustrations add personality to words, and can create a truly unique identity for your brand. We're visual creatures and your stories will be felt most effectively through what your audience sees.

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You're in Safe Hands.

While also considering all aspects in terms of graphic design elements, I create beautifully designed, commercial and engaging websites that keep your user's interested.

Interior Design

Do you have physical premises that your customers go to?  If so, you are in control of one of the most critical manifestations of your brand. The Interior Design are utterly critical in forming your brand's 'first' impression, dictating a ‘channel’ of your brand mix that is immersive, consistent and memorable.