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Capelo Design Ltd embossed logo
Project Title

Capelo Design Ltd

Capelo is a London-based full-service architectural and design consultancy. After collaborating on the brand strategy together, a fresh new corporate identity was created that would allow Capelo to be noticed in their world, online and offline. The new website, and suite of branded literature, gave the company the tools to express Capelo's personality in a more clear and succinct way. We were also able to re-align the brand to connect with a wider commercial clientele and, notably, high-end residential clients.

Capelo's brandmark and typography were designed to communicate a sense of trust and knowing authority, successfully reflecting their reputation as the 'trusted consultants' in their field.

Client / 

Capelo Design Ltd

Services / 

Brand Identity

Brand Positioning


Agency / 

Cindy Cheung

Creative Space

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