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FROLYK Dairy Free Ice Cream

I was asked by FROLYK, a new premium dairy free ice cream brand, to build their brand aesthetic, packaging presentation and entire creative identity from the ground up.

This needed more than just dreaming up a pretty logo and picking some colours; the dairy free market is a rapidly growing one, and is hugely competitive. FROLYK can’t just walk in with their ice cream and expect to succeed - even if their ice cream is the best. FROLYK needed to understand who they were, who they hoped to be, who their customer was, and how they were going to serve them - these are some of the key first steps to building a brand that resonates.

Defining and building the strategy for them: a long term understanding of why they exist and how to tell that story, creating an edge for commercial advantage over their established competitors with an aesthetic that reflects the bold, vibrant, and inclusive company that they are - producing amazing premium ice cream for everyone...... that just happens to be dairy free.

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FROLYK dairy free ice cream

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ANOMYM Collective

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