Project Title

Harmony London

Harmony, the renowned adult store, came to me to to provide brand direction and digital creative on their new e-commerce store. I was responsible for concepting, designing and executing the homepage, landing pages and product features.


Brand direction also shifted from a niche, price focused, strategy to a dynamic fashion focused, and highly-accessible, content driven strategy - breaking the barrier to entry of a previously ‘underground’ market.

For their Valentine’s Day 2021 digital and social campaign, I knew that not everyone had joined the “open revolution” yet and that some, pretty innocent, things are still quite taboo.
And, I respected that.
But we also embraced the world around us; a world increasingly open to discussing sex and sexual health. 


Determined to move intimate adult play out of the perceived seedy shadows and into the light, where we’re all able to look upon it openly, by utilising a highly accessible fashion-forward look and feel to peel away the stigma and celebrate the day of LOVE.
Thought-provoking campaigns are much better than bad ones. What do you have planned next? Get in touch and drop me an email to make better campaigns.

Client / 

Harmony Ltd

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Brand direction

Online assets 

Website design

UI style guidelines

Agency / 

ANONYM Collective