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Project Title

Herbal Essentials

I was asked by Herbal Essentials to create their Brand Guidelines document that would enable the brand to communicate a consolidated brand (image) consistently from existing brand materials. Having a formal document that outlined exactly what their brand’s colour palette, typography, imagery and logos are and how they’re used was a HUGE benefit to their internal team members, especially when working with different people working on customer service, marketing, design and sales. This important document acted as Herbal Essentials' singular point of reference for any future design project.


Having this guidelines document helped the client to tell a consistent verbal and visual story of their brand and protect its use.

Client / 

Herbal Essentials Ltd

Services / 

Brand Guidelines
Brand Strategy

Brand Templates

Agency / 

Cindy Cheung


Creating a suite of Herbal Essentials Brand Resources (templates) allowed branded content designs to be modified by different people without changing the original file. These acted like a blueprint that anyone could use to create graphics or documents for the brand with ease.

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