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Milki Chocolates

MILKI – Inspirational Chocolate with Personality. Design and Chocolate are truly two of my favourite things, and when you blend the two together for the perfect chocolate gift, I'm pretty much speechless! 


Each Milki chocolate bar represents an archetype/personality expressed through a personalised icon and a unique type of chocolate flavour. Inspired by the beautiful City of London, Milki's signature series of chocolate bars features nine combinations named for character traits applicable to the Londoner alike. The design treatment reflects the premium quality of the chocolate and presents a simple and direct message to the consumer with a playful twist in language. This treatment enhances the products lavishness with a confident yet minimal use of gold foiling.

Client / 

Milki Chocolates

Services / 

Logo design

Brand direction


Agency / 

Cindy Cheung

Creative Space

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