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What Makes a Great Logo?

Let's talk about logos.

What does your logo represent to your customers?

A logo is a strategic tool unique to your business or brand, swipe the image below to continue reading to find out my criteria for designing a strong logo. A great logo can differentiate you from your competitors, help to shape your company’s ethos and values to your employees, create positive impressions, attract your target audience too, and much more! Your logo should not just 'look' good ~ it should, and more importantly, identify what it represents, in one simple graphic!


Your logo is not your brand though. It’s simply one way to visually indicate your brand. The true strength of a great logo comes from the relationship you build with your audience and the way in which they come to recognise your logo for what it represents. Having a beautifully designed logo doesn’t make a brand amazing, but it helps!

A logo is a means of communication between your company and its potential target audience and customer. A logo should tell us what to expect from your products, services or even culture; it should work as an indicator to inform us about how you operate internally as well. A great logo design will inform people about your business values and brand personality too!

Logo design and branding is a huuuuuuuuge topic, one which I could talk to you all day about but, if you’re in need help with your branding, or unclear about your brand direction, feel free to send me an email or drop me a DM on Instagram 👉 @cindycheung.designer.



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