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When Alice Sleeps: Treasure Map Book

As the co-creator of the “When Alice Sleeps” children’s brand and we’ve finally managed to pull the finger out and release our first book; presenting the swashbuckling, When Alice Sleeps : Treasure Map – a story of high sea adventures, friendship, and treasure that stimulate children’s imagination. 

We are big believers in reading aloud to your children, and bedtime is a perfect time for it; kids love to read together! Picture books offer children (and adults!) a unique reading experience by blending captivating illustrations with concise, yet impactful, storytelling. 


When Alice Sleeps adventure books are perfect for 3+.

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When Alice Sleeps

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Books Design
Visual Storytelling

Character Design

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ANONYM Collective


Reading together to stimulate imagination

When Alice Sleeps is about bringing ideas and imagination to life. Inspiring creativity in children through books, playful words and illustration; encouraging children not to be scared with their ideas.

In the story, Alice finds herself captaining a ship, sailing the high seas on a quest for buried treasure with just an old map and her First Mate, Frankie for company. Will they find riches before running into any scary sea monsters? 




Storybooks and engaging printable activities

Through storybooks the brand are able to create something more tangible and meaningful with the reader. They are able tell the story of When Alice Sleeps and put context to the brand. Supported with seasonal and campaign online printables and resources;  readers are able to explores the beautifully illustrated dream world full of When Alice Sleeps; full of fun and adventure!

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Let's Read Together

“When Alice Sleeps: TREASURE MAP" is out now and you can get your hands on a copy from Amazon (worldwide) here

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