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Yee Kwan Ice Cream

Yee Kwan Ice Cream is an award winning premium ice cream and dessert producer, known for their exotic asian flavours and unique product range, supplying ice cream to national retailers such as Ocado and Wagamama.

With a strong existing narrative, Yee Kwan required a brand that visually reflected the aspirations of the business and the East Asian influenced product line. An updated logo was introduced, alongside packaging and marketing collateral, to complement the brand’s growing confidence and market positioning. A new extended colour palette was also introduced to give the product range a colour-coded visual identity together with a cleaner, more premium, aesthetic allowing the individual flavours and product types to stand alone, and stand out on store shelves.

Client / 

Yee Kwan Chan


Services / 

Art Direction



Agency / 

Cindy Cheung

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