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What's your Brand Voice?

Have you ever paid attention to how you sound like to your customers?

~ are you being playful?




Kind or fun?

This will be especially important in copywriting. Words are an important part of your brand identity and when used effectively, they can shape the way your brand is perceived. I get asked a lot to look at the client’s Brand Voice. And, first things first is knowing that your voice is directed to your AUDIENCE and this can have any style as long as it feels true to your persona and values.

👉 Slide through the carousal below to read on more about discovering your brand voice….

What is a brand voice?

Your brand voice is the way you evoke your brand’s identity and values to your customers through the words and tone of voice you use in all your communications.

Where is my brand voice?

This should be present everywhere, throughout every piece of content you create – no matter who has created it.

Such as:

• on your website,

• on all your social channels

• on your emails and E-newsletters

• on your point-of-sales

• on your product packaging

Discovering your Brand Voice

If your brand was a person, how would you describe your brand's personality to someone? What hobbies would it adopt and fashion would it wear? Also, at this point, talk about how you would describe your competitors as people, too. Is one of your competitors the older, sensible sister-like figure? Is another the fiesty and bubbly BFF everyone wants to hang out with? How do your brand’s personality traits make you different and stand-out?

Keeping the above in mind, let’s now think of the kind of things you should and should not say/sound like.

Can your brand sound more approachable and human, like UBER or Deliveroo? (include images of real people?) Showing a more human-touch will create empathy in your marketing and business, triggering the right emotion will hopefully lead to people participating and looking you up more. If potential new customers BELIEVE in your products/service and see that there’s something in it for them (the value and benefits), they will be more likely to buy and support your business.

Hopefully what I've shared with you so far helps to provide a good starting point in discovering your brand's tone of voice. Finally, your brand will be unstoppable with a powerful tone of voice!

Let me know if you find posts like this useful in the comments and I’m happy to share more fundamental content aimed to help move your branding forward! If you need further help with discovering your brand's voice, feel free to send me an email or drop me a DM on Instagram 👉 @cindycheung.designer.



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